Thursday, April 26, 2012

Free Firmo Glasses with FREE Shipping!

I was blog walking sometime last 2 weeks ago and this particular blog caught my attention. The said blog offers free sun glasses from the Firmoo Company. You’ve probably not heard about this Co. but just think about the FREE stuffs that you can get? I don’t mind if it’s Rayban or Oakley or some brand I’ve never heard about as long as I can get it for FREE.

So to get the FREE eyeglasses (prescription or plano) and regular sunglasses, just email this:, ask if they’re still offering the free glasses from Firmoo and then hit send. Their team would reply to your query as soon as possible. For prescription eyeglass, you have to produce a prescription from your eye doctor, scan it and send it to them once your off the preliminary test and get to choose from this site which sunglass/eyeglass you want. But first, you have to be a blogger, with a lot of posts, and you blog’s probably a little bit older than 3 months (I guess coz my other blog got rejected since it’s new with only 14 posts). Other bloggers have written a review about it but for my blog, they wanted to put their link on my site. No problem with that.


You can go to this site and fill up the form (click the image to go to the site form.  But if I were you, I’d email the address above. I dunno. They offered me one prescription and 1 sunglass each. On this form however, you can only choose one kind of eyeglasses. Received mine last two days ago. The delivery period (on my sunglasses) was approximately 2 weeks. :)

*Update: Already received "the glasses." Thanks Firmoo! :)

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