Friday, July 13, 2012

Size 12 and Ready to Rock

I'm upset that i can't get my hands on the latest book re: Heather Wells' Size Insecurities. I tried to search all the website that "offers" free pdf but since it was just officially launched last July 10 this year (I'm so jealous for those pre-order books!), but to no avail. I only got the excerpt. Which isn't absolutely okay. Anyway, I bumped into Meg Cabot's site which parades this glittery announcement:

Click to enlarge
So i take that you're interest right? Plus, you can also get a HARDCOPY of underworld. All you have to do is answer one teensy bit of question, hit that keyboard with some information and you're done. :) Just make sure you're above 12 years old. :)

I hope you win. NOT. :P I'm also competing you know. But hey, who knows, you might get lucky and receive some lovin' from Meg Cabot. :) Goodluck!

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